George Strang PhD


I became aware of the value of coaching from working with coaches for several years to support my own career and personal development. They helped me to identify my career goals, change careers, develop better people and management skills, deal with times of stress and overall to be a better person.

I have worked in in many different roles ranging from working in the fishing industry as a student in Scotland to being a research scientist in both biotech and academia in the UK and USA. I have a PhD in immunology/oncology and enjoyed doing research in that field for several years.

I finished my corporate career working in clinical trial management for a major biotech company in San Francisco. I have wide experience in my personal life including being a cancer and stem cell transplant survivor. I now live in Seattle and believe that my extensive life and career experience give me a powerful foundation from which to support clients.

I am certified as an Integral Coach with New Ventures West in San Francisco and as a career coach with The Career Coach Academy. I have also completed 'Facilitating Career Development Training' that is recognized by the National Career Development Association.

In addition I continue to work on my personal and professional development which I believe is crucial if I want to be an effective coach.

When not working my interests include weaving, gardening, music, photography, reading, good food and my dogs.