George Strang 


"I strongly recommend George as a career coach. While at Genentech, George helped me take a holistic view of my career path--where I had been, was, and wanted to be--and helped me realize my goals. He did this by empathetically, judiciously, and brilliantly asking the right questions, and then helping me answer my own questions. George is one of the best listeners I have ever come across, and his empirical, intuitive coaching approach, combined with his vast experience as a corporate leader, made him the ideal coach. George has a special gift for helping others succeed in their careers."     (RM San Francisco)

"As a tech executive, it's rare to come across someone as genuinely interested in your overall well-being as George. He helped me navigate a series of deep, provocative conversations focused on identifying the type of life I actually want to live (rather than the type of life I thought others expected me to live). George provided tailored coaching that enabled me to regain perspective from these conversations on what is truly important to me, which has already led to a much more fulfilling life."     (EF San Francisco)

 "George is a great listener who truly cares about his clients. He worked with me to find helpful solutions for personal growth and advancement. If you are looking for a compassionate life coach, give George a shot!"    (JLF San Francisco)

 "As cliche as it sounds, George really changed my life.   He immediately creates a safe, positive, and non-judgmental environment.   He has the perfect balance of listening, advising, and holding me accountable with practical applications for the heart, mind, and body.  Because of my sessions with George I am much more self-aware and finally taking steps to really lead my life."    (LAD San Francisco)

 "When I realized I needed to get up to speed on current job-hunting practices, I asked George for help and it was one of the best decisions I could have made. As a baby boomer who hadn't had to look for a job in over a decade, I wasn't aware of how much had changed in the world of human resources, and I was using outmoded cover letters and resumes that weren't getting me interviews. After one conversation with George and some resources that he shared, I revised my approach and landed an interview with the very next job (and others to follow) for which I applied after speaking with George. George is empathetic, a great listener and cares very much about helping others. Working with George will really change your life, regardless of where you may be feeling 'stuck."    (E.H. Seattle)

 "Having just started developing my career George's skills and abilities helped open my mind up to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. George's devotion, compassion, and understanding was paramount to my success in finding a position in a new city for me. Knowing that George was in my corner, rooting for me, was a bigger benefit than I had imagined and without it my job search would have continued much longer. Thanks George!"    (W.H.  Seattle)

"I’m a better person today because of George’s insights and advice. He helped me understand who I am and what values are important to me. George is thoughtful, patient, genuine, and trustworthy. He truly cares about his clients and is passionate about coaching. I highly recommend George!"  (DW San Francisco)