Strang Career Coaching


I strongly recommend George as a career coach. While at Genentech, George helped me take a holistic view of my career path—where I had been, was, and wanted to be—and helped me realize my goals. He did this by empathetically, judiciously, and brilliantly asking the right questions, and then helping me answer my own questions. George is one of the best listeners I have ever come across, and his empirical, intuitive coaching approach, combined with his vast experience as a corporate leader, made him the ideal coach. George has a special gift for helping others succeed in their careers.

Are you struggling to find a job

Do you want a new career but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to be promoted but don’t know what to do?

Would you like to become a managerand be coached on how to do that?

Are you a new manager and uncertain how to manage?

Are you being limited by your job skills but don’t know how to improve them?

If you answer yes to any of the above I would like to help you.


As a certified career coach I can do the following:

  • support you in your job search
  • help you identify employment opportunities and potential new careers
  • help you identify your strengths and ways to build on them
  • help you enhance your likelihood of promotion
  • help new managers develop the necessary management skills
  • help you identify skills that you may need to improve and how to improve them
  • help you navigate the changing job search landscape which can be challenging even in a booming economy.

I work both in-person and remotely with clients of all ages and backgrounds so please contact me through the contacts page if you would like a no-cost consultation.